1.) Your enjoy your time and adventure in renting a van 24/7. The bigger the group the better you can interact each others with games and power of excitement. Most van has a maximum load capacity of 15 seats.

2.) The expense of each person to hire the driver and the van is much cheaper compare renting a car or with less people.

3.) When you are in a group of adventure you are more secured because each person is watch each other to have a safe travel. Compare if you are traveling single or double your security is less compare into a dozen of people traveling together at one reason.

4.)  The Toyota Hiace has a 15 seats Std roof 4X2. MPV Minibus Van. AutoXL – Can meet all your vehicle requirements, anywhere in Cebu you can travel.

5.) When you rent a van in a ground the travel guide is affordable because the driver is a tourist guide in any adventure location you want to  travel and go. The drive also give reminders what are things to do or not to do. He will serve as a compass 24/7 during your travel.

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